• My Favourite Things of 2020

    It’s quite rare for me to share things that I enthuse about with people. Whether it’s because I think my tastes are quite niche, or just because I’m afraid of judgement or boring people with things they don’t care about. The great thing about a blog is I can put it up, and no-one’s forced to read it. If you do, I hope you find interesting things here.


  • My Favourite TV of 2020

    In 2020, good TV has taken far more of a role in my life than it used to. The upside is that I’ve been immersed into wonderful stories and characters. The downside is that I’m not normally the kind of person to enthuse, leaving a burning desire to tell people about them.

    So instead, I decided to write about my favourites so I at least feel like I’ve told people. Even if, as I deeply suspect, hosting a blog is the equivalent of shouting my opinions into a void.


  • My Favourite Music of 2020

    I really like winter. The lack of light kind of sucks, but I enjoy cold, crisp days. And in December, I get to read all of the “Best of” lists which inevitably lead me to discover lots of really awesome music, TV, and videogames that I’d missed or just plain overlooked. In an attempt to recreate the grandeur of these “Best of” lists without actually becoming a music reviewer, I decided I wanted to think about my Top 10 albums of the year and post them here.